WISE Retreat

WISE Retreat | Saturday, June 2 | 7:45AM - 5:30PM | $125 - $150 registration fee

The Women in Safety Engineering (WISE) Retreat offers attendees an opportunity to explore, get inspired and network around topics that focus on the power of a well-rounded OSH professional. This all-day event explores personal development with topics previously ranging from developing your own personal mission statement, improving communication skills, the power of storytelling, improving memory skills and even follow-up to success stories from our previous events. All are welcome in this inspirational and inclusive environment.

How'd you get so WISE? By Abby Ferri, CSP

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WISE Members Presenting at Safety 2018
Louise Vallee: “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: IAQ Office and Industrial Case Studies”
Crystal Turner and Reagan Branch: “Women in Construction: Case Studies on Health, Safety and Workplace Culture”
Kristin Kelley Herman: “L’Oreal and the Hummingbird – Beauty in Safety”
Lori Frederic: “Get More Buy-In From Stretch-and-Flex Programs (hint: bring them out of the 80s)”
Abby Ferri: “Elevate Your Presence! A Safety Pro’s Guide to Leveraging Social Media”
Abby Ferri and Tim Page-Bottorff: “Emotional Safety: Lessons From the True Tales of Two Storytelling Safety Pros”
Kelly Bernish and Rosa Antonia Carrillo: “How Is Your Psychological Safety Doing?”
Jennifer Harris: “Practicing Safety Differently: A Small Company’s Journey to a New Safety Culture”
Rachel Slivensky Raynor: “This IS My Circus! These ARE My Monkey! Taming Your Safety Committee”
Adele Abrams: “The New Treacherous Triangle: OSHA, ADA and Medical Marijuana”
Kat Dobson: “Recruiting, Retaining and Keeping Women in Construction Safe”
WISE Group Photo
WISE Presentation

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